White Dextrin

Dextrins are produced by roasting starch powder under more or less acidic conditions causing hydrolysis and rebranching of the starch molecule. These type of dextrins are also called pyrodextrins. White and yellow dextrins are partially or fully water-soluble low viscous powders that are optically active.


White Dextrin Modifed Starch


White Dextrins are used as:

  • As crispness enhancer for food processing, in food batters, coatings and glazes,
  • As textile finishing agent to increase weight and stiffness of textile fabrics,
  • As thickening and binding agent in pharmaceuticals and paper coating formulations.
  • As pyrotechnic binder and fuel, they are added to fire formulas, allowing them to solidify as pellets or "stars.", in sparklers



Product White Dextrin
Solubility Cold Water
Starch Base Tapioca
Water Mix Ratio 1:2
Solid % 22
pH 9
Viscocity 27-30 sec



  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • High strength film property
  • Best tackyness
  • Wide range of water solubility
  • Fast drying property
  • With best bursting strength and compressed bags

* Available in 50 Kgs plastic lined HDPE woven bags.