Cold Water Pasting Gum

Pasting Gum powder is used for the manufacturing of Corrugated Boxes. The process and raw manterial used in the manufacture of Pasting Gum Powder as well as Corrugation Gum are the same. The heating process for this product changes from high to moderate inorder to maintain the viscosity. This can be prepared in less amount of time with a high pH value by adding caustic soda solution to a mixture of starch and cold water.


Cold Water Gum Corrugated Boxes



Product Cold Water Pasting Gum
Solubility Cold Water    
Starch Base Tapioca    
Water Mix Ratio 1:4 or 1:6
Solid % 20.0   17
pH 8   11
Viscocity 35 sec   30 sec



  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • High strength film property
  • Best tackyness
  • Wide range of water solubility
  • Fast drying property
  • With best bursting strength and compressed bags

* Available in 50 Kgs plastic lined HDPE woven bags.